Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Music


Jessica S. said...

Hi Dana,

Wonderful music! I like "It is Well" song very much. I got to your blog from the link of a comment you left in mine on Monstrous Regiment film, and I wanted to visit yours as well. I look forward to visit back to your blog again soon.

In Christ,


Chelsea said...

Dear Mrs. Feliciano,
I got your blog from the Monst. Reg. site, and I would like to discuss a comment you made in the bonus features on the DVD (Don't worry, I agree with you!) If you could email me, that would be great (and please delete this comment after emailing, so as to protect my email address). Thanks,

JENNY said...

Hey this is Jenny.I dont know If you remember me or not.It has been a few years.I would really like to talk to you.I am newly divorced now and I just need some encouragement.

About Me said...

Hey Jenny...great to hear from you. Email me anytime :)